Real Racing 3: Open Wheelers new cars

Electronic Arts has updated today its racing game Real Racing 3 to version 2.2. He is seen with vehicles Open Wheelers .apporte who bring a new dynamic in the experience of Real Racing. For the experts, you will be able to board the 620R Caterham Seven, the KTM X-Bow R, the Ariel Atom 3.5 or the Ariel Atom V8. As for most standard vehicles, the list also grew with the arrival of the Porsche 911 RSR (2014) Hyundai Veloster Turbo

With the approach of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, EA announced a special event in which it will be possible to unlock customizations limited edition and official decorations for the Porsche 911 RSR. In addition, Hyundai Veloster Turbo Competition Time Trial will give you the chance to win a trip to Italy and any new Community objectives to unlock customization options.

These features can by unlocked via the Real Racing 3 Hack for Android/iOS

BBM for iPhone arrives on the App Store

BlackBerry announced the worldwide availability of finally BBM messaging service for iOS and Android. A first version appeared there one month on the App Store New Zealand but was quickly withdrawn after several complications. Today, BBM is back and for everyone. The launch will take place over the next few hours, the BlackBerry does not yet give a precise timing. Everything depends on the regions of the world and time zone.

In reality it is not that simple. The application will land on the App Store, but it will not be usable in the state. Explanations. BlackBerry will enter his email. This system will place you in a virtual queue. Once it’s your turn, an email will be sent. BlackBerry gives an estimate of the time between when the email is sent and when the service is actually available. If you already have a BBM account, no need to wait, you will be able to use it immediately.
As a reminder, BBM is a competitor to many services such qu’iMessage, WhatsApp and others. It allows you to communicate with others around the world at no cost. Only an Internet connection is required. He is qualified as one of the best in its field.
Update: BBM is now available for PC download: BBM For PC - Windows Download .

Car service Uber: Integration into other Apps

The programming interface (API) presented that has the drive switching service Uber now presented, it allows site operators to integrate the ridesharing service in their websites and apps. During the taxi driver still fighting in Germany against the competition in road transport, the US-startup thinks long in larger dimensions. Because with the launch of the API featured partners is clear that Uber wants to massively expand and incorporate a much larger share of passenger transport. Among the 11 partner companies include the Hyatt hotel chain, the Hotel Portal TripAdvisor, the United Airlines, the restaurant reservation app OpenTable and coffee house chain Starbucks. The US-side Re / code also reports that Uber is also in talks with Facebook to integrate the service there. The new API but could be not only in the hospitality business use. It is also conceivable that online shops Uber integrate to extradite their goods from one Uber-driver. After the taxi drivers the package services could therefore be the next industry that is forced by Uber in a cut-throat competition.

Web without ads: 98% would not pay for it

Everyone knows that most are annoyed by it, but advertising is now the mainstay of many free Internet services. Without advertising, for example, would be unthinkable Facebook, because the giant is funded through the delivery of customized advertising. Nevertheless, there are always suggestions and approaches to make the Internet free of advertising. One example is the so-called Paywalls. The reader gets only a small fraction of the entire article to see which is to arouse his interest. For the full article a little mite is due. Subscription models are another way and especially very common in the entertainment area. Known representatives of this financing model are Amazon Prime Instant Video and music streaming services such as Spotify. At this point you have to ask the question: What would it cost to individual users if the entire Internet would have to do without advertising?

Ebuzzing: cost of commercial-free Internet calculated
the operator of the Werbevideoplatttform Ebuzzing, which is funded primarily by delivery of promotional videos, have the cost of an Internet without advertising calculated. For this purpose, the total expenditure has been divided for Internet advertising in the United Kingdom (8 billion euros) by the number of active Internet users (45 million).
Accordingly, the cost ad-free Internet each user per year, the equivalent of around 175 euros. A considerable sum at first glance, but the - throughout the year - is not excessively high. But the cost of the TV are much more expensive than the fifteen euro, which would be due for ad free Internet.

Free Internet Advertising: 98% would not pay
the same interviewed Ebuzzing but 1,400 British Internet users, whether they would be willing to bear the costs for an ad free internet. The response was more than clear: 98% of respondents answered that they would pay this sum in any way. However, the survey unearthed even more evident: Advertising is accepted in principle as a financing model. Nevertheless, users are ready to make more effort when it comes to hide perceived as annoying advertising. For example, reported by 63% of users, promotional videos to skip as fast as possible. . Moreover, the survey found that around 16% of all browsers have at least one technique to block ads Jeremy Ardity, Manager at Ebuzzing, concludes: “Poorly made ??or poorly placed advertising is ignored, which can only lose Publisher We need better. be in entertaining, not troublemakers. This means introducing new formats that users perceive as less intrusive, well-placed, creative advertising, and to give users up to a degree of freedom of choice. “